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Trois espaces linguistiques - 3EL
(The Three Linguistic Spaces)

A structure for cooperation between the French speaking space (O.I.F.), the Spanish Speaking space (OEI), the Portuguese speaking space (CPLP), the Union of Latin origin languages countries (UNILAT).  Regroups 81 Member States and 3 governments
Head Office: Paris

Legal Systems: 43 of Civil Law, 19 of Civil law/Customary law; 6 of Civil law/Muslim Law; 7 of Civil law/Common law; 3 of Common law; 2 of Civil law/Common Law/Customary law; 2 of Civil Law/Muslim law/Customary law; 1 of Customary law; 1 of Common law/Customary Law.  (For more information about the different legal systems or the 3EL members, see the corresponding section.)

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